The Shaman & The Hunt

The Shaman And The Hunt - Playscape Cover

At the beginning of this year, I challenged myself to embark on a project that did not result in me endlessly fixating over minute detail, chewing on ideas without fruition, working myself into a bind, and doubting every moment of the process. I wanted to explore a raw, freer creative me; to unleash and push myself to see what a more uninhibited Nika Smith sounded like. Hence, The Shaman & The Hunt.

The Shaman & The Hunt has been my therapy. It is an exploration of my musical creativity, which I feel has been buried under layers of (something) with my “Nika Smith” project. I have opened myself up to welcome the many strange and beautiful ideas that often float around my head and step into wherever they wish to take me. I have followed their direction and they have led me here. I am pleased to find that it is a beautiful and exciting (more so relieving) experience; one that I have not yet shared with anyone, until now.

The EP is called “Playscape”. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of its creation — playing with whatever tool I got my hands on and all. But most importantly, learning to forgive, accept, and welcome whatever wished to invite themselves in on the moment was the greatest lesson. I am proud and excited to share this with you, which is a whole other challenge in and of itself.




i’m okay
everything’s a rhyme  

“The shaman was a master of trance and ecstasy, whose visions and dreams encapsulated the ethos of the hunt…” – Karen Armstrong, A Short History Of Myth