News and more news — now contains 5% less news

It has been brought to my attention that I do not provide enough adequate information about myself to satisfy anyone wishing to stalk me. Here is my attempt to rectify this issue.

I am a Virgo.

I am half Filipino, half Romanian, and half Irish…and half Jamaican

Anyway —

Here’s my plan: Starting September 14th, I will begin recording my first full length Nika Smith album at The Townhouse Studio in Toronto with Kaleb Hikele (aka The Sun Harmonic). It’s pretty exciting stuff. I admire this man greatly (so does my mother), and it’s going to be a blast working with him. He has a nice body.

This is long overdue, but I want to thank Chris Blachford and Jason Cabanaw for joining me on stage at the Elder Sister Plum CD release party at the Cameron House back in August. What a great show that was! Thank you Elder Sister Plum for inviting me to play. Go check out her new album, People Like Us.

So there you have it, folks. There’s some band stuff happening. Some tour thing. My Queen Street Commons cafe gig is on hold for now but will resume some time soon — I’ll keep you posted. Some album stuff. And yes, I could be much, much more ambiguous. Professionalism is overrated.

Fudge the system and free Hat!

hugs and tickles